Erin Campbell

watertonMy research is focused on the species delimitation and evolution of greater fritillary butterflies (genus Speyeria). While I am broadly interested in molecular systematics and evolution, my work on Speyeria is primarily focused on the formation and maintenance of species boundaries, the identification of genomic signatures of introgression, and exploring the utility of species concepts in the context of the current Next-Gen sequencing revolution. My research incorporates DNA barcoding, Next-Generation Sequencing, and morphological analyses, thereby integrating both traditional and molecular systematics.

Prior to starting my PhD, I completed a B.A. Hon. in English literature, and a B.Sc. after-degree in Evolutionary Biology, both at the U of A. As a biology undergraduate, I began working in the Sperling lab as a research assistant, which fueled my interest in molecular biology and systematics.

For a list of publications, visit my ResearchGate profile.