Major Undergraduate Projects

(note: students that continued to a graduate program in the Sperling lab are listed under Graduate Student Alumni)

Pasan Lebunasin Arachchige, 2013-2016 (U Alberta), “Uncovering spruce budworm wing morphology genetic markers, and assessing morphology-based species delimitation”.

Christi Jaeger, 2011 (U Alberta), “Delimitation of Phaneta tarandana (Moschler 1874) and P. montanana (Walsingam 1884) (Tortricidae: Olethreutinae) in western Canada using morphology and DNA”.

Sarah McPike, 2009-2010 (U Alberta), Underwing moth (Catocala) species delimitations. Currently: MSc student at the University of Alberta (Evenden Lab). Email:

Meghan Dear, 2000-2003 (U Alberta), Molecular systematic projects on various insects. Currently: Alberta Research Council technician

Doug Macauley, 2000-2001 (U Alberta), Systematics of Alberta Pterophoridae. Currently: Municipal Conservation Coordinator, West Central Conservation Group, Alberta; email: webpage:

Rachel Ponce, 1998-1999 (UC Berkeley), Website project on Lepidoptera databases and images. Currently: email:

Tobin Fricke, 1998-1999 (UC Berkeley), Website development for California moth databases, see website at: Currently: PhD student in Physics, University of Rochester, NY, USA; email:

Anna Engberg, 1996-1998 (UC Berkeley), Apodemia mormo butterfly genetics. Currently: MSc student in Archaeology, University of Sheffield, U.K.; email:

Bob Reed, 1996-1997 (UC Berkeley). Thesis: Molecular phylogeny of Papilio butterflies. Currently: Hargitt Research Fellow Duke University, NC, USA; email: website:

Orion Jankowski, 1996-1998 (UC Berkeley). Project: Molecular systematics of Halobates waterstriders. Currently: PhD student at Stanford University, Dept. Biochemistry. email: